"Please hear me, Girl: The world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs women who know how to do hard and holy things."

Ann Voskamp

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"Sometimes all people want is just to be heard from someone who genuinely cares and listens."

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"Never ruin an apology with an excuse."

Benjamin Franklin 

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i feel as if this symbolizes the fact that shes under so much stress to be beautiful

or shes stoned as fuck

Or she stabbed herself in the eye with the brush

Or she’s crying because for once she got the volume her mascara brand promised her

lol or maybe its just a picture with cool contrast meant to give off an eerie and creepy vibe. 

Or she’s turning into the black swan

Or maybe she’s born with it

Or maybe it’s Maybelline

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And sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in.


Jane Austen, from Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics, 2003)

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"I’m not lonely like I have no
one, I’m lonely like my mouth
needs something to press
against; I’m lonely like I have
an airplane full of people to talk
to, but no co-captain."

anne, friends but no lover


In his series, The Good Badlands, photographer Guy Tal seeks to show us that though it is often hidden, and may only appear briefly, there is delicate and subtle beauty in abundance for any viewer with patience and desire.

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When his goodbye hits you like a freight train,
learn how to contour your body in the shape of Okay again.

Start digging the grave of your memories, of the relationship
that fell apart faster than a sand castle being kicked by the world,
of the moments you shared while love bound you two together.
And bury it farther and farther into the ground, so even if it
grows wings it will never fly high enough to reach
your heartstrings again.

When your mother asks you why there is dirt staining your
perfect nails, tell her you forgot that some flowers die even when
they were gorgeous the summer before. Tell her you were trying
to find peace in the middle of the Earth. Tell her your heart needed
closure. Tell her you didn’t want to feel anything but the goodbye.
Tell her the corpse was rotting and you couldn’t stand the smell anymore.

Ignore that your bed feels a little bigger, that your loneliness
has grown overnight, that your heart feels a little smaller, that
your brain is throbbing, that your eyes haven’t stopped watering
since you watched him leave, that the sheets don’t give you the
warmth like his arms did.

Put flowers on the grave of the memories, of the relationship
that turned into a hurricane overnight,
and learn that Goodbye is only a poison if you let it be.


let’s get this straight 

it is not romantic to persistently pursue someone after they have refused you

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Find me


Find me
When I’m hidden
When shyness holds me back
When I’m too lost to reach out
Find me
Move mountains
Move just furniture
Look over fences
But find me
Over turn even one stone
Just one stone
One crumb
You’ll find me,
After all
I’m desperate to jump out

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"Church is not a “Christians only” club. It’s open to the broken, the outcasts, the sinful, the needy. You can come as you are."


But don’t expect to stay that way. Expect to be changed and healed by the blood of the Lamb.

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"The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures"

amazing grace - updated version

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